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Companies often face difficulties and uncertainties with their strategic management and planning processes. Sometimes they might find it challenging to join short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals, or have difficulty building the capabilities needed to execute their strategies. Avenue Consulting Group provides its clients professional services in general management consulting, strategic consulting, financial consulting and other various business advisory services to improve their strategy development processes, strengthen overall strategic decision-making capacities, and improve implementation capabilities. Our team is one of the best project management professionals in Armenia. We help our clients in designing unique solutions to their specific issues. Sometimes, they need comprehensive redesigning of approaches to strategic management and planning.

With our Strategic Management Advisory Services we support the clients on project planning and management, help them to create a business plan, as well as to boost the business performance, improve the strategies and makes fertile soil for long-term development.  Our professionals have extensive experience helping organizations address all the key aspects of strategic planning.

Karen Martirosyan

Strategic Management Advisory


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Karen has more than 19 years of professional experience in different positions, but he is strategic management consultant by his nature. Karen’s academic background and professional experience enable him to provide consulting services from large to small businesses, governments and international development organizations on strategic development and planning, financial management and planning, corporate finance, start-up consulting, marketing and export promotion, comprehensive researches and market analysis and etc. He applies his knowledge and skills in different assignments for corporate and state clients in a number of sectors of economy. Know-how transfer and knowledge sharing is his most valued principles during his work.


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