Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders Production Business Plan

Within the framework of this assignment the Consultant elaborated a comprehensive business plan and a financial model for the establishment of metal and metal-plastic CNG Cylinders production in 2014.

The objective of the project was organization of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders production in Armenia. The CNG would be used as engine fuel for automobile transport enabling the Client to gain a leading position in the Armenian, Russian and Georgian markets.

The model included a financial projection and monthly and annual forecasts, financial and investment performance evaluation.

The following activities were successfully performed:

  • Evaluation of the Client’s potential
  • Market Research: including external markets
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Production Plan Analysis
  • Evaluation of the necessary resources
  • Evaluation of the competitiveness of the production
  • Evaluation of the necessary investments for the development plan
  • Study of the financial assets requirements
  • Financial forecasting and risk assessment.