Turnover management in the civil service

Studied the system of recruitment, promotion, remuneration, professional development opportunities, integrity and ethics and dismissal within the civil service, including available software(s) and online tools/HRMIS; Prepared recommendations for the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), with the specific focus on the data/measurement mechanisms and tools of turnover monitoring and evaluation, if any.
Prepared entry questionnaire for those willing to join civil service, mid-term evaluation (employee satisfaction) questionnaire/survey, and exit questionnaire for the staff members leaving public tenure. Prepared a comprehensive Report on the work done, including legal documents/ regulations reviewed, software (s)/online tools explored, specific new tools suggested, as well as the data/inputs from the co-design event. A separate section on the modern approaches and methods of monitoring and evaluation of the turnover based on the best practices, as well as new tools and mechanisms should be included in the report. The report should also include recommendations on the improvement of recruitment and retention in terms of turnover management.