Business Plan for Establishment of OTTV Business

Within the framework of this assignment in 2013 the Consultant elaborated a business plan and a financial model for establishment of a new Over-The-Top-TV (OTT TV) service provision business worldwide.

The project objective was the provision of a high quality OTT TV service locally and globally. At the stage of matured telecommunication market of the country, the shareholders and top management of the company launched a new initiative to establish OTT TV services both for local market and Diaspora. This project aimed at providing high quality TV services using OTT TV technologies. Firstly, these services would allow the population of regions enjoy high quality local TV channels and would provide alternative source for information. Secondly, these services would enable the Armenians living abroad, enjoy high quality TV services of the major Armenian TV channels.

It is envisaged to render OTT TV services mainly in the marzes of Armenia, where the quality of local TV broadcasting is poor and there are no high quality TV service providers, except for local cable TV companies, which offer a limited package of services with low quality broadcasting.

Besides the business plan the Consultant elaborated a Legal Risks Review specific to this particular type of business. The consultant enlisted the legal risks, as well as developed recommendations/measures aimed at mitigation of those risks.  In addition the Consultant provided a review of legal regulations in the field of OTT TV business.