Sectors and Industries
Agriculture and Agribusiness
Agriculture is the cultivation of products such as animals, plants, biofuel forms etc. to sustain and enhance human’s life...
Construction and Real Estate
Nowadays, globally, due to the certain factors such as expanding population, urbanization, industrialization, and economic growth...
Energy and Water
The connation between water and energy is intertwined considerably in many ways and is evolving on constant bases...
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency is growing dramatically. Modern time trends, globally, point out economic
Food and Beverage
Food and beverage manufacturing subsectors are considered to be one of the most important branches in processing industry in...
Tourism and Hospitality
Nowadays, globally, the tourism industry is considered to be one of the most important sectors of economy, as it has significant...
Information Technologies and Telecommunication
We cannot imagine a modern lifestyle without information technologies. It does not matter in which field you work: in trade or in...
Institutional Capacity Building
Institutional Capacity Building concept is about designing and/or changing the structure and culture of a company and...
Judiciary has significant impact on the whole socio-economic life of a country. Well developed and predictable judiciary system is...
Labor and Employment Affairs
Labor law is the branch of law that is constantly exposed to significant change, which is closely linked with the processes...
Manufacturing is considered to be a wealth-producing sector of an economy and in fact is one of the most important industries.
The mining industry is a primary force in the development of national economies worldwide...
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation of various projects and programs are one of the key services suggested by Avenue Consulting Group...
Public Administration and Good Governance
Nowadays, with the increasing complexity of modern life the governments of modern states need both effective and efficient...
Public Finance Management
Public Finance management is basically about budgeting, allocation of resources to various activities, revenue management...
Public-private partnership (PPP)
Public private partnership is very popular type of infrastructure development, especially for developing countries. It is mutually...
SME Development
Small and medium enterprises are the most common type of enterprises over the world. SME are the important, but vulnerable...
The limited resources make trade is one the driving forces of the economy. Globalization increases the volume of both
Transport and Logistics
The transportation industry surrounds us everywhere – trains, roads, buses, airlines, ships and etc. Transportation is sector

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