Business Plan Development for Greenhouse Production

This business plan was elaborated in 2014 for a client specialized in greenhouse vegetable crop production sector. The project objective was launching of a greenhouse farm.  The Consultant developed a comprehensive business plan, including elaboration of the financial projection model, evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan and business model structuring based on proper market research and analysis of the peculiarities of the given business.

The greenhouse would be fully equipped with an automatized management system and Dutch Greenhouse technological solutions.  As a result a high level of productivity and efficiency would be ensured and the business would get a competitive position and enjoy a sustainable development in the agricultural market.

As a direct outcome of the project 49 jobs would be created and 250 jobs would be created indirectly.

As a long-term objective it is planned to expand the territory of the greenhouse and develop the production range, particularly cultivating flowers and two vegetables for export purposes.