Corporate Strategy

At the very beginning, the management consulting concerns the basic goals or mission, the business policy and strategy, and the overall planning, structuring and control of an organization. Initially these problems were a tone time defined as general management, but are now more commonly referred to as corporate strategy or strategic management. One of the major directions in Avenue Consulting Group is the Strategic Management Advisory Services. Being a leading management consulting firm in Armenia, Avenue Consulting Group offers high quality strategic consulting in Armenia.

Companies struggle with several challenges and obstacles when designing and executing corporate strategies. Often they fail to discern a strategic review from the annual budgeting process, or lack adequate mechanisms and procedures for strategic planning, As one of the leading business advisory companies in Armenia, Avenue Consulting Group has a set of core competences and tools in business consulting services that can support our clients improving their strategies at the corporate level.

Corporate strategy consulting is done at very high level in the organization, typically the Board and the CEO. Corporate strategy consulting is about facts and common sense much more than vision or dreams. Facts make decisions easier. Dreams without facts make them tougher. Business strategy consulting is tailor-made thinking. What works for one company will not necessarily work for the other, even in the same industry. Strategists use tools, but tools don’t make the strategist. Only the quality of the people matters in this business.

The concept of corporate strategy has made a significant contribution to the advancement of management practice and theory over the past 30 years. Strategic consulting (business strategy, strategic analysis, strategic planning, strategic restructuring, etc.) is a rapidly growing area of business advisory services in Armenia.

Avenue Consulting Group works closely with clients to develop robust corporate strategies while building alignment across the organization. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design, business planning, etc.

Senior operating executives always have some difficulty in stepping back from their immediate priorities and thinking about the longer term. Their workloads make it difficult for them to track all the developments in the company’s environment that need to be taken into account in the formulation of strategic plans, and it is notoriously difficult for them to make an honest evaluation of their organization’s weaknesses relative to competition. We bring an open mind to these issues. Many boards of directors and shareholders develop long-term relationships with Avenue Consulting Company who advise them on strategy development, and clearly find such advice invaluable.

Strategic Vision

Corporate strategy is the organization’s response to environmental opportunities, challenges and threats, consistent with its resources and its competencies relative to its competitors. This latter point is so important that some giants of consulting industry define strategy entirely in terms of the search for competitive advantage. Strategy is not an aim in itself but a set of paths and choices for achieving the organization’s goals in the future. THIS IS WHERE WE CAN START HELPING THE CLIENT.

Many organizations practicing strategic planning actually lack a vision of the future. Some do not even have a clear understanding of the present; they have not asked the strategist’s fundamental question: “What business are we in?” Yet an understanding of this must be the starting-point of any sound strategic analysis.

A strategic vision should be as rational as possible and not a result of wishful thinking. However, total rationality is not achievable for one simple reason – the future is unknown and is being shaped by a myriad of independent actions all over the globe; the client’s own actions will form only a tiny fragment of this future, however important the business is. Nor is it possible to evaluate every possible course of action. The personal values and judgment of the key decision-makers therefore play a vital role in positioning the organization for the future. It is for this reason that current thinking on corporate excellence and strategy puts so much emphasis on the role of the consultant.  We are professionals with respective skills, knowledge and expertise to help the client in the process of shaping strategic vision for the future position of the organization. Our highly competitive team offers best solution in various aspects of strategic management and is one of the leaders in business consulting services in Armenia. Furthermore, we are able to express this vision in goals understandable to people in the organization and influence and motivate people to achieve these goals. As a result the Client gains unity of vision, and a unity of actions guided by the strategic vision.

 Technology in Corporate Strategy

Technological developments occur simultaneously in so many areas, and so rapidly, that even large companies with well-staffed R&D departments and information services find it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments, and think of possibilities offered by technologies and materials created in other sectors and countries. Increased emphasis on technology strategy and its impact on operational, marketing and other strategies is one of the key areas where Avenue Consulting Group may help its clients.

The role of technology in developing differentiation and implementing a winning corporate strategy is another area where Our Consultants can generate added value for the Client. A company that integrates technology into its strategy significantly improves its chances of reaping benefits from technological changes. Whether it decides to be a technological leader or not, the results of integrating technology into strategy can improve a company’s determination of priorities among technology options, identify the technical resources needed to achieve business goals and speed up the movement of ideas into production.

We recognize the importance and key role of technologies in corporate strategy and can both lead consulting assignments in corporate strategy and undertake specific R&D tasks for our clients. Evaluating the potential of new technologies and providing technological information analyzed from the viewpoint of its potential business applications is one of the unique management consulting services provided by Avenue Consulting Group. Our Consultants advising on business development opportunities and projects in and outside Armenia are increasingly involved in areas of technology transfer, helping to choose both the appropriate technology to be used and the terms under which such a transfer can be effectively implemented. Thus, we gain a distinct competitive advantage in local and regional markets through our unique bouquet of business advisory services.

Karen Martirosyan

Partner, Head of Strategic Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 99 75 10 00

Karen has more than 19 years of professional experience in different positions, but he is strategic management consultant by his nature. Karen’s academic background and professional experience enable him to provide consulting services from large to small businesses, governments and international development organizations on strategic development and planning, financial management and planning, corporate finance, start-up consulting, marketing and export promotion, comprehensive researches and market analysis and etc. He applies his knowledge and skills in different assignments for corporate and state clients in a number of sectors of economy. Know-how transfer and knowledge sharing is his most valued principles during his work.


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