Investor Matching

The Investors Matching service is an integral part of the services offered Avenue Consulting Group to institutional and private sector investors interested in business investing in Armenia and infrastructural projects. The service is aimed at promoting and facilitating the creation of strategic partnerships through matching the interests of our clients with those of local and international investors. Several types of cooperation are possible, this include equity participation, joint-venture, technical cooperation, debt finance etc. Avenue Consulting Group cooperates with the major International Financial Institutions and a portfolio of successful investment projects with BSTDB, EBRD, EADB, OPIC, etc.

Investors stipulate criteria for the type of business they will consider, for example:

– Business sector and/or Geographic Region
– Capital required and equity offered
– Exit strategy and period

Business Owners need to provide a business plan detailing:

– The current business situation
– The business opportunity – markets, products, competition
– Capital required and equity offered
– How the funds will be spent
– A risk assessment (sensitivity analysis)
– Full projections and exit strategy

The group of our strategic advisors will direct our clients how to do a business plan, will help our clients in developing the investment teasers, business plans, development projects, etc. If we find a match, we will connect investors to businesses – at all times preserving due confidentiality.

We can optimize the achievement of the Client’s targets. Many investors prefer to team up with other investors on specific projects or concepts, for obvious reasons such as sharing the amounts of investment and risk, and increasing project scope which often results in higher investment security and returns.

Our investment matching service facilitates the creation of strategic partnerships such as equity participation, joint ventures, debt financing and technical collaboration. Avenue Consulting Group can manage the necessary formalities including formation of SPV’s and foreign holding structures.

We are keen to establish and maintain successful investment matches for our clients. This strictly confidential service is available to private and institutional investors for any project or concept compatible with our activities.

Karen Martirosyan

Partner, Head of Strategic Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 99 75 10 00

Karen has more than 19 years of professional experience in different positions, but he is strategic management consultant by his nature. Karen’s academic background and professional experience enable him to provide consulting services from large to small businesses, governments and international development organizations on strategic development and planning, financial management and planning, corporate finance, start-up consulting, marketing and export promotion, comprehensive researches and market analysis and etc. He applies his knowledge and skills in different assignments for corporate and state clients in a number of sectors of economy. Know-how transfer and knowledge sharing is his most valued principles during his work.


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