In today’s highly demanding business world clients strive to be both competitive and endurant. And when it comes particularly to legal part of doing business the ever-growing complexity of legal environment and tax law becomes more evident. This inevitably results in additional consumption of time and recourses and shift of business makers focus from their core business to solutions of legal questions.

Avenue Consulting Group is one of the best law firms in Armenia.

Avenue Consulting Group Legal and Tax Advisory Services is designed in a way to reflect clients’ needs and objectives while dealing with legal aspects of their day-to-day activities via making consultation in the fields of civil service and corporate law coupled with assistance in achieving valuable tax compliance in Armenia.

By combining its sophisticated experience and expertise, along with creative and innovative approach our team of legal and tax advisors provides holistic guidance for clients and perspective partners to make sound decisions in their day to day activities with the highest commitment to Impartiality and Partnership that are core values of Avenue Consulting Group.

It is a priority for Avenue Consulting Group to provide the clients, operating in various industries, with advanced legal solutions in all types and stages of their business life cycle. Additionally, we are sure that our proper legal support, provided by our business attorneys, is among the most vital arrangements for the growth and development of any business in Armenia and abroad.

Hovhannes Chamsaryan

Legal and Tax Advisory


Phone: 00374 93 36 29 29

Hovhannes has over 12 years of experience with involvement in legal advisory aspects of various fields ranging from Public Administration to Private Business. He has contributed to drafting subordinate legislation, juridical conclusions referring to interior legal acts, has an extensive record of cooperation with international organizations and institutions. Currently Hovhannes leads Avenue Consulting Group’s activities in providing advisory to all aspects of company operations, such as tax advisory, representation in judicial and state bodies, court representation, dispute resolution, negotiations with other parties, legal due diligence etc.


There is no getting away from the importance of legal considerations while entering into transactions.

Corporate Legal Consulting involves a unique combination of legal, business…

Avenue Consulting Group team of experts makes advanced consultancy on routine tax

The protection of interests of our clients’ businesses is the core objective of Avenue Consulting Group

Intellectual property in general is about creativity and innovative nature of human

One of the most important goals for a business is the effective management of the resources.

Antitrust compliance is becoming more complex and costly.


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