Customer database development

We’ll develop for YOU “Customer Database”. This will give an opportunity:

  • To systemize acting/lost/potential customer database
  • Develop sales strategy effectively
  • Always have up to date information about YOUR acting/lost/potential customers

Targeting is a procedure for analyzing your audience and identifying it. This process involves direct communication with customers and finding a binding parameter in them. Targeting is not limited to one parameter when filtering the market; multi-level exposures of the entire market are possible to achieve maximum results.

Targeting is an ongoing process of online and offline market and customer research. An advertising campaign, content creation and marketing strategy creation based on competent targeting can yield up to 100% difference in performance. Competent taring is directly proportional to the budget saved.

Avenue Consulting Group has research experience in many areas, implementation of tools to automate the process of filtering the market and collecting statistical data, an idea of ​​the local market. We offer our customers a full range of services related to targeting.


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