Marketing audit

Marketing Audit is a comprehensive study of the functionality and performance of a particular area (Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Design) or the entire marketing department.

Avenue Consulting Group offers companies a full package of services for research and analysis of all marketing systems, strategies and marketing actions, followed by providing advice, documented conclusions based on research, action plan and long-term advice. Studies are conducted both online and offline.

The service package includes:

Product research

Research company and its position in the market

Target audience research

Research of marketing actions and principles of work of the marketing department

Identification of problems, shortcomings and incorrect actions

Constant collaboration with the existing marketing department

Measuring the performance of the marketing department

Repeated department interviews, including guidance

Content analysis and design

Documentation of the research, consultation and provision of a final report on the recommended action plan, which can also be carried out by our company.

Avenue Consulting Group recommends working together with a full package of services for more accurate analysis of the company’s marketing management, but the list may vary depending on the industry and customer requirements.

David Ghukasyan

Marketing Management Advisory


Phone: 00374 93 55 53 55

David Ghukasyan is the Head of Marketing and Branding Advisory Service in Avenue Consulting Group. He is responsible for design of marketing strategies, researches, graphic design advisory services etc.
David is experienced in development of inbound and outbound Marketing strategies with thorough knowledge of graphic design, color, art, optic and geometric theory. He has managed many projects of reorganization of marketing strategies in various companies and global research processes in specific sectors. Extensive experience enables David’s team to coordinate marketing audit, branding/rebranding and restructuring processes in organizations. In cooperation with market’s leading graphic design and architecture experts he provides highly qualified marketing full-cycle services.


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