Sales strategy

Sales strategy plan specially designed for YOU will create:

  • company’s roadmap for securing dependable,
  • long-term revenue through the retention and acquisition of new and existing customers.

Marketing research is a research procedure based on primary and secondary data for analysis and use in a subsequent marketing strategy.

Market research can help the entrepreneur to identify the shortcomings of his strategy, determine the most optimal price for the product being sold, to identify the target audience, market needs, and etc.

In the marketing research, the methodology of collecting information and its analysis is very important. In addition to the existing mechanisms and methods of conducting marketing research based on an official marketing theory, depending on the specific task, conditions, market, non-standard approaches can be used to obtain the most accurate data.

Avenue Consulting Group conducts marketing research in all sectors, both at the request of the client, and after the need has been detected by the client as part of a marketing audit.


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