Labor and Employment

One of the most important goals for a business is the effective management of the resources, especially human resources and labor relations. Legal compliance with labor-related laws and regulations is the minimum requirement to ensure efficient human resource management. Avenue Consulting Group has extensive experience in the area of labor and employment practice, and in providing strategic and profound legal consulting services in all aspects of labor and employment law to allow clients making optimal business decision avoiding any future problems with human resource planning and employment issues. Our business lawyers also provide our clients with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions in resolving labor-related controversies in Armenia.

Key areas of expertise of Avenue Consulting Group include:

Human Resources Planning and Legal Compliance

– Professional support to the clients for human resource planning; drafting and reviewing employment contracts, work rules and work-hour policies; designing and implementing non-competition mechanism, intellectual property management and trade secret protection from the perspective of labor and employment laws
– Cost-effective legal consultation for the employment of mandated managerial personnel
– Professional legal consultation for employee retirement plans and legal analysis of retired employees’ rights and benefits
– Planning and implementing employee benefit programs

Human Capital Management and Legal Compliance

– Legal consultation for human capital management and employee dispatch issues
– Legal consultation on human capital strategies in business reorganization
– Legal consultation and planning for employee pension reserve funds
– Development of in-house standards of companies to regulate labor relations.

Labor-Related Dispute Resolutions

– Assisting clients in resolving legal controversies related to termination of employment, retirement, and occupational injuries, including settlement, mediation, administrative relief and litigation
– Providing legal consultation and risk analysis in merger and acquisition
– Protection of employer’s interests and support in collective bargaining in considering collective labor disputes, and in drafting, executing and modifying collective labor agreements
– Protection of employer’s interests, prevention and representation of interests in settling individual labor disputes.

Hovhannes Chamsaryan

Head of Legal and Tax Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 93 36 29 29

Hovhannes has over 12 years of experience with involvement in legal advisory aspects of various fields ranging from Public Administration to Private Business. He has contributed to drafting subordinate legislation, juridical conclusions referring to interior legal acts, has an extensive record of cooperation with international organizations and institutions. Currently Hovhannes leads Avenue Consulting Group’s activities in providing advisory to all aspects of company operations, such as tax advisory, representation in judicial and state bodies, court representation, dispute resolution, negotiations with other parties, legal due diligence etc.


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