Internal Systems of Financial Control

Internal control systems include the policies and procedures that businesses establish to reduce risks and ensure they meet operating, reporting, and compliance objectives. Internal Systems for financial control are designed to ensure efficient financial management, safeguard assets, produce reliable financial records and guarantee compliance with relevant internationally accepted standards, national legislation and regulations. With adequate and effective internal financial controls, some of the benefits that businesses would experience include efficient senior management accountability, enhanced controls over financial reporting process, introduction of culture of openness and transparency within the company, producing more accurate, reliable and timely financial statements.

Armen Mkrtchyan



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Armen is highly skilled and self-driven manager bringing over 19 years of experience in the field of finance, accounting and auditing and dedication to a wide range of businesses and tasks. Armen’s academic background in Business Administration as well as in Engineering and professional experience enable him to provide consulting and outsourcing services from large to small businesses and foreign organizations on financial management, financial, management and tax accounting and planning, corporate finance, business valuations and etc. He applies his knowledge and skills in different sectors of the business including but not limited to production, trade, agriculture, NGOs for corporate clients in a number of sectors of economy. Team-working and knowledge sharing are his most valued principles during his work.


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