Support to the Government of Armenia in the implementation of the MTEF at the local levelArmenian Agriculture adaptation concept note

The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Armenia in introducing Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budgeting at the local government level. MTEF is a multi-year approach to budget formulation that provides greater fiscal discipline and more predictable resource allocation aligned with policy priorities. To facilitate adoption of MTEF across Armenia’s local governments, the consultant is required to:

  • Evaluate different MTEF model options and select an optimal model suited to the local context in Armenia. This will involve assessing scope, time horizon, and other parameters.
  • Develop a detailed methodology and guidelines for MTEF implementation at the local level. This will cover integration with the existing budget process, required management structures, expenditure classification, and step-by-step operational procedures. Templates will be provided.
  • Formulate an MTEF rollout strategy in consultation with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure (MTAI), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and other stakeholders. This will outline the timeline, prioritization of local governments, capacity building needs etc. based on initial conditions and experience.
  • Conduct training on MTEF development and integration into the budgeting process for designated staff from selected local governments. The training will build their capacity to implement MTEF based on the methodology developed.