Supply and Installation of Video Module for E-Consulate System and Integration to E-Notary System

For the purpose of consolidating the available statistical data under the centralized platform, it is proposed to build a unified database with an interactive statistical dashboard and reporting tools, which will serve as a management tool for policy development, decision making, monitoring and forecasting for government bodies and higher administration.

  • Analyze existing information databases of Public administration bodies and Judicial bodies by accessing the data actuality and accuracy and consolidate them under the centralized platform.
  • Consolidate valuable data from all available data sources under one platform for data analysis, forecasting and decision-making purposes.
  • Provide decision making tools for data analyzes and monitoring of the progress on key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Generate, distribute and publish statistical reports for internal and public usage.
  • Provide flexibility for creating statistical reports and dashboards in various formats and sharing with interested stakeholders.
  • Act as a unified platform for assessment of development KPIs.