Design of the System for Job Evaluation in the Armenia Civil Service

Development of the System, Methodology, Processes and Standardized Database/Library for Job Evaluation and Application Capacity Building in the CSC and in HR Divisions of the Ministries of the Republic of Armenia

The objective of this assignment was to obtain a new methodology for civil service job evaluation and capacities for its application in CSC and relevant human resources management subdivisions.

The government of the Republic of Armenia initiated a large-scale process of public sector reforms, which receives the support of the World Bank. The introduction of the Civil Service System in Armenia determined the efficient implementation of personnel policy, reinforcement of state bodes with qualified, professional personnel with high integrity standards, provision of state guarantees for social and legal protection of servants. Addressing the abovementioned issues, we analyzed Armenian and international experience and resulting from that, outlined the alternative and primary methods of job evaluation system, the criteria for job evaluation was determined in order to select the best possible specialists for RA civil service posts. The methodology was developed, and trainings of civil servants responsible for these objectives in CSC and human resources management subdivisions of civil service system were conducted.

The project was conducted in 3 stages, all of which have been successfully performed.

The outputs of the activities covering the scope of assignment are as follows:

  • Methodology of job evaluation in RA civil service system, which has the possibilities for classification of positions in the system of civil service, for the changes thereof, for amendments of position title lists, etc, as well as for analysis of business processes and functional analysis in the management system.
  • about 200 trained responsible civil servants (officials) in the bodies of civil service system,
  • a package of amendments to civil service legislation corresponding to the methodology of job evaluation.