Armenian IT industry analysis

We were contracted to carry out an extensive market study and analysis to develop a comprehensive profile of the information technology (IT) industry in Armenia.
The overarching goal was to research, analyze and present the current state and recent evolution of Armenia’s IT sector across multiple key dimensions:

  • Market Dynamics: We aimed to determine total market size and growth over the past 5 years, analyze strengths and weaknesses of the sector, and provide an outlook on future projections and trends.
  • Key Players: The objective was to identify major IT companies in Armenia, their service/product focus, headcount, technologies leveraged, clients served, and approaches to attracting talent.
  • Workforce: We sought to quantify the size of the IT labor pool, map salary trends and inflation forecasts, break down salaries by specialization, and profile the landscape of technical recruitment channels.
  • Education: Our goal was to review IT education by mapping institutions, graduates produced, prominent training centers, and the nature of academia-industry linkages.
  • Policy: We aimed to examine relevant tax policies, legal conditions for global entrants, and government programs and strategic plans targeting IT industry growth.