Sales Improvement

This is possibly the most sensitive issue for business owners, since sales increase results in profit increase. Sales improvement is one of complex and comprehensive consulting services nowadays, at the same time this is very complicated in implementation service.

The complexity of this particular service is explained by a number of factors:

– Sales improvement encompass different types of consulting products and approaches,

– This is change management process and requires ‘painful’ decisions in some cases,

– Firm commitment of business owner and high management to implement changes is a must for ensuring of success,

– Availability of core sales management and sales team within the organization.

– Our experience shows that for implementation of successful sales improvement assignments we should deliver complex services which include a number of components:

Selection of appropriate sales management and sales staff

Selection of appropriate sales management and sales staff – selection of core sales team who will lead sales of the company and will be moving force for further improvement of company sales

Research and Analysis 

Research and Analysis – sales improvements must be based on thorough and professional research and analysis which forms basis for decision making process

Sales process Improvement 

Sales process Improvement – Reengineering of business processes, introduction of quality control system, balancing powers, managing of risks and development of financial reporting systems should be developed during sales improvement consulting services

Change Management

Change Management – Sales improvement very often requires change management activities, such as changing staff behavior, changing management style, changing working environment and etc.

Compensation, Motivation Systems and Performance Measurement

Compensation, Motivation Systems and Performance Measurement – Design and introduction transparent, predictable and fair compensation and motivation systems for sales staff

Sales Support IT Solutions

Sales Support IT Solutions – Introduction of client-tuned sales support IT solutions aimed at increasing sales and sales efficiency

Human Resource Capacity Building

Human Resource Capacity Building – Training needs assessments, design and implementation special training courses, provision of advisory services.

Avenue Consulting Group is specialized in provision of complex sales improvement services in different fields, including retail and wholesale.

Tigran Grigoryan

Managing Partner, Head of Operational Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 91 49 32 30

Every organization passes process of institutional evolution. Tigran’s role is helping organizations to control the evolution process and support organizations in establishment of responsive systems to overcome external and internal challenges. He is one of few professional operational management consultants with hands-on experience in business process re-engineering and business process automation, design and development of management systems and corporate governance systems, HR motivation systems, start-up establishment  etc. Moreover, he is one of most experienced project managers; during his more than 18 years career he designed and managed large number of technical assistance and development projects funded by various international development institutions.

Tigran is responsible for overall management of Avenue Consulting Group.


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