Preparation of the Operational Manual for Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund

Avenue Consulting Group won the tender for implementing the project Preparation of the Operational Manual for R2E2 financed by the World Bank. The main objective of the project is to prepare R2E2 Fund Operational Manual to cover its operating modalities for the next 5-10 years.
In the framework of the above-mentioned project, Avenue Consulting Group participated in the two-day workshop summarizing the results of Energy Efficiency Project organized by Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund on May 4-5 2016. Avenue Consulting Group presented the activities carried out in the framework of the ongoing project Preparation of an Operation Manual for R2E2.

Activities of the project include identification of target markets, client eligibility criteria, financing and implementation modalities,  indicative investment plan, financing requirements and potential sources, staffing and other capacity needs. While preparing the Manual the Consultant should also confirm that the proposed procedures are in line with the legislation, or suggest in separate document all necessary revisions to existing legislation/regulations that would enable operations proposed. 

Among issues discussed during the workshop were energy efficiency benefits – particularly the medium and long term prospective of R2E2 development potential, the ongoing processes of Energy Efficiency Project (EEP), the procurement procedures in the scope of EEP, the experience of applying new energy efficiency measures in the scope of the EEP Project etc.