Ombudsman Should Have Been More Discreet and Restrained

Co-founder of “Avenue Consulting Group”, judicial expert Georgi Khachatryan divides the Human Rights Defender’s report into two parts: The first part, according to Khachatryan, is substantiated, and the second part “rather rumors or rumors of the street”.

In an interview with Panorama.am Khachatryan explained that the Human Rights Defender’s special report on the Right to a Fair Trial specifies, in part, that the decisions of the Justice Council are based on double standards and in the same way the Court of Cassation maintains complaints during the proceedings.

“The report points out specific issues and decisions that can be made impartially and can be said that the authors of the report were based on objective facts when making their conclusions,” the expert said.

As to the other report, where corruption has been touched upon in the judicial system and bribes in different instances, Khachatryan argues that these are abstract assumptions and the Ombudsman did not have the right to make such assumptions.

“I believe that the Human Rights Defender’s Institute is a much more important and authoritative institution that the Human Rights Defender publishes bribe-pricing bribes, which, in essence, is absurd even in the case of one such case. It is unacceptable to spread these unique cases on the whole judicial system and to publish some tariffs, I do not consider it serious. It’s more damaging not only to the judicial system but also to the Defender’s Institute, “said Georgy Khachatryan.

According to the expert, a large number of the public hear a report on bribery charges at courts with dollar rates, unwittingly begins to believe and does not try to deepen the extent to which the information is objective.

“It is different that ordinary citizen is about it, it is quite different that he speaks about the Human Rights Defender and more, he writes in his report. I think the Human Rights Defender should take a serious approach to such information. The Ombudsman should be more reasonable and restrained in order to exclude an objective impression and perception, “Khachatryan said.

According to our interlocutor, the reaction of the Council of Judges, following the ombudsman’s extraordinary report, was balanced and expected. The RA Prosecutor General’s response was also welcome because there is a published document, which lists crime-related activities. “The prosecutor’s office notes in its letter a few points, presenting one fact. Objectively, I consider that such a fact will not be presented, because an absurd situation – a person who has taken a bribe will never say that he has taken the person who has given a bribe will never say that he has given it up, added the judicial expert.


Source: panorama.am