Expert: “When civil society starts expressing qualified opinion, the authorities will be more easily engaged in dialogue”

“Evaluating the current situation, insufficient efficiency of public participation was revealed. Public administration bodies are conditioned by the fact that civil society is not active. Meanwhile, according to civil society representatives, the problem is inaccessibility of information, as well as limitations of professional capacities, “said Tamara Abrahamyan, Chairman of the” Ariza “PAP at the National Press Club today, summarizing the” Public Network “initiative,” Improving the Civil Society Participation System in the Legislative Process Prospects “.

There have been discussions on this topic with the RA NA standing committees, factions, government officials, ministers, representatives of international and local organizations. Tamara Abrahamyan mentioned that lack of information, lack of feedback is one of the obstacles to public participation.

Co-founder of “Avenue  Consulting Group’’ independent expert Tigran Grigoryan mentioned: “Civil society is still unable to make an assessment of high quality. Civil society representatives often raise small, point-point issues in top management positions. This is also a problem. When civil society begins to express good opinion, our state bodies will go into dialogue more easily. ”

Tamara Abrahamyan painfully mentioned: “There have been proposals from the public network on social and educational laws, but no response. This has a negative impact on the civil society rating. ”

In response to a question of www.aravot.am how do the recent activities of activists and violence against them assess? Tigran Grigoryan replied “People express their opinion, after all, there is freedom of speech. I treat it normally and I do not accept violence. However, I am not in a position to give assessments whether the state is right or not. Yes, if a civil society has something to say and has chosen that format for expressing, I treat it normally. ”

Tamara Abrahamyan said in this regard: “Civil society organizations are choosing different ways to carry out their activities. Such actions are one of the forms of civil society manifestation, but we can not stand against it, but the parties must keep their obligations under the law. ”

Source: aravot.am