Management System Design and Introduction

Development and introduction of management systems is a change management process. Readiness of high management to implement changes in the company is a precondition for ensuring successful accomplishment of such assignments. From other hand managers should understand the complexity of such assignments and be ready for internal resistance on different levels. The role of the consultant is not only to design the management structure, but also to provide real-world support to clients aimed at mitigation of resistance and ensuring smooth transition from old system to new one.

We always pay special attention at different factors that should be taken into account during the design of management system:

– Type of business,
– Company vision and development potential and perspectives,
– Size of the company and geographical coverage,
– It solutions used in the company,
– Management style of high level managers,
– Professional level of company employees and etc.

We are confident that only in case of consideration of business and company peculiarities will ensure design of perfectly tuned solutions. Design of management system is always based on solid analytical work which is done prior to design works. Avenue Consulting Group uses a number of analytical methods, such as Critical Path Analysis, Management System Due Diligence, Technology Solutions Analysis and etc. Analysis of management systems forms baseline for further development of management system which can be vertical management system, horizontal management system or matrix or project management system.

The management system itself is complex product which includes organisational structure accompanied with unit charters and job descriptions, business processes, information flows logic, decision making system, human resource management system, knowledge management systems, sales management systems, quality control, financial management systems, reporting system and etc. Avenue Consulting Group intensively use IT solutions in management systems and this increases effectiveness of company operations significantly. Our clients enjoy provision of complex solutions, since we provide turn-key and easy to implement solutions accompanied with advanced IT solutions. Moreover, we provide support to our Clients during the introduction of new systems via continuous consultations and advisory services.

Tigran Grigoryan

Managing Partner, Head of Operational Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 91 49 32 30

Every organization passes process of institutional evolution. Tigran’s role is helping organizations to control the evolution process and support organizations in establishment of responsive systems to overcome external and internal challenges. He is one of few professional operational management consultants with hands-on experience in business process re-engineering and business process automation, design and development of management systems and corporate governance systems, HR motivation systems, start-up establishment  etc. Moreover, he is one of most experienced project managers; during his more than 18 years career he designed and managed large number of technical assistance and development projects funded by various international development institutions.

Tigran is responsible for overall management of Avenue Consulting Group.


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