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Human resource consulting is a very huge consulting market reaching USD 26 bln. revenue in 2013 and stable yearly growth of about 0,5% for the years 2008-2013. HR consulting industry offers wide range of consulting services outsourcing of HR internal services to specialized consulting companies and implementation of specific projects. Many companies prefer to outsource HR routine internal services, such as HR administration. Benefits for companies are obvious – cost cutting, possibilities of rapid involvement of HR consultants when necessary and etc.

Avenue Consulting Group is a unique management consulting company in Armenia which is able to provide complex management advisory services and provide full package of consulting solution with integrated HR consulting products. The involvement of our consultants in Human Resource management advisory assignments ensures business performance improvement, boost of HR motivation and productivity. This type of services encompasses:

Institutional related HR service – design and introduction of new corporate structures to raise effectiveness of operations, development of job descriptions, HR business processes reengineering, development of performance evaluation, motivation and intensive systems, retention schemes, etc.

Human related HR services – talent management, human resource capacity building, provision of specific and general trainings, recruitment and headhunting, development of specific skills, education and corporate education, HR audit and operational review

HR process related service – implementation of recruitment strategies and plans, implementation of HR related surveys, outsourcing of HR administration, implementation of health, retention, welfare, compensation policies

Although HR consulting is a separate ‘wing’ of consulting industry, but we are confident that the highest possible effect and best results could be reached by provision of complex consulting services with integrated HR consulting solutions. Avenue Consulting Group provides HR management consulting services as separate services, as well as integrates HR services in other management consulting services. Our clients benefit from our HR services, since we provide legal, operational and strategic management advisory support during provision of pure HR services. Avenue Consulting Group is a unique management consulting companies which is able to provide complex management advisory services and provide full package of consulting solution with integrated HR consulting products.

Institutional Development HR Services

Institutional development is one of the natural processes of organisation and this process is continuous during the entire life of the organisation. Private and state organisations implements reforms aimed at improvement of organisation performance and in this respect very specific HR services are crucial for success.

Very often organisation managers do understand that the organisation’s performance is on low level: this is the effect that is visible for company managers. In such situations the most important issue is to understand causes that result in such effects. Very often company internal services could not effective identify reasons. The role of management consultants is to identify real reasons of low effectiveness of company performance.

Avenue Consulting Group clearly understands that each company institutional setting, corporate behaviour, HR systems are unique and “flavoured” with culture of company’s team members. In addition to that we offer complex management consulting services with incorporated specific HR products.

Avenue Consulting Group has institutional and professional capacities to provide its HR consulting services with the main purpose – to increase effectiveness of company and staff performance. Within the framework of these services we support our clients in design of new corporate structure, development and introduction of corporate management systems, development of unit charters and job descriptions, HR business process re-engineering, design and introduction of performance evaluation systems, introduction of motivation and incentive schemes. During provision of Institutional Development HR services our clients benefit from highly qualified management consultants with in-depth knowledge of and hands-on experience in HR consultancy.

Human Capital Development HR Services

It is well known fact that in modern economy the most valuable capital is human capital. All successful organisations invest in their human capital and pay special attention at the issues related with talent management, human resource capacity building and creation of the most favourable working conditions for staff members. Many large corporations have in-house strong HR teams capable to implement corporate HR strategies on human capital development activities and reach impressive results. In parallel with this large number of companies and organisations lacks in-house professional specialists capable to handle these tasks. In such situation involvement of professional management consultant could be solution for ensuring development of human capital.

Many organisations outsource all activities related with human capital development, other engage consultants for implementation of specific projects and tasks. Both approaches are acceptable and good results could be achieved. Role of HR management consultant is very important, since the consultant should understand the culture of the company, motivators and de-motivators of staff members, capacities of staff, potential of staff, readiness of development and other important details.

Avenue Consulting Group encompasses a team of highly qualified HR management consultants capable to carry out large and very complex human capital development HR projects. We provide wide range of human resource development services, including but not limited to training needs assessments, delivery of specific trainings aimed at development of professional knowledge and skills, provision of ad-hoc advisory services. In addition to that within the framework of institutional development assignments we provide recruiting and headhunting services for key high and mid-level positions.

Tigran Grigoryan

Managing Partner, Head of Operational Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 91 49 32 30

Every organization passes process of institutional evolution. Tigran’s role is helping organizations to control the evolution process and support organizations in establishment of responsive systems to overcome external and internal challenges. He is one of few professional operational management consultants with hands-on experience in business process re-engineering and business process automation, design and development of management systems and corporate governance systems, HR motivation systems, start-up establishment  etc. Moreover, he is one of most experienced project managers; during his more than 18 years career he designed and managed large number of technical assistance and development projects funded by various international development institutions.

Tigran is responsible for overall management of Avenue Consulting Group.


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