Business Process Reengineering and Automation

Business process reengineering is a rather new tool in management consulting pioneered in early 1990’s. This advanced tool helps organisations to analyse and re-design workflows and processes within organisations aimed at more efficient and effective operations. BPR is a methodological approach that fosters organisations to radically rethink who they work to improve customer service, optimise operational costs, dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations, optimise decision making process and reduce operational risks. Immediately after launching of BPR concept a vast number of corporate community representatives find this tool very useful. In midst 90’s about 60% of Fortune 500 companies have declared that they are in the process of BPR or have firm intention to work on business processes re-engineering.

The BPR was evolved during the recent decade and reshaped into Business Process Management, which is aimed at ensuring the highest possible level of efficiency of operations with heavy use of information technologies. Nowadays, IT plays crucial role in business process reengineering and is integral part of BPR and any organisation life cycle. Common IT solutions, such as shared databases, decision-supporting tools, portable computers and wireless network solutions, automatic document cycling systems, automated tracking and identification systems is a part of efficient business processes.

Success of business processes reengineering or business process management consulting projects is dependent on several factors.

Practitioners and academic community identifies many causes, but most commons are:

– Firm commitment of organisation,
– Composition of management consultant team,
– Analysis of organisation business needs,
– Adequate IT infrastructure,
– Continuous improvement and perfection,
– Accompanied change management.

Avenue Consulting Group consultants have intensive and appreciated experience in design and reengineering of business processes in different corporate and public organisations. Our consultants always seek and ensure firm commitment of our clients on implementation of BPR projects and always have full support from client organisations. Avenue Consulting Group BPR team composition logic is in line with best international practices. In our teams we involve members who knows the processes perfectly, who does not know processes at all, persons from customer organisation, independent experts, etc. During implementation of BRP assignments we always advocate use of IT solutions by our Clients. It solutions could be used for different aspects of a business, starting from document flow up to automation of sales.

Avenue Consulting Group helps its Clients in

– designing of business processes aimed at raising efficiency of operations at the highest possible level,

– automation of wholesale sales processes with use of most advanced IT technologies,

– automation of inventory management processes with use of modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions,

– automation of document flow and decision making processes using advanced IT solutions.

Tigran Grigoryan

Managing Partner, Head of Operational Management Advisory Services


Phone: 00374 91 49 32 30

Every organization passes process of institutional evolution. Tigran’s role is helping organizations to control the evolution process and support organizations in establishment of responsive systems to overcome external and internal challenges. He is one of few professional operational management consultants with hands-on experience in business process re-engineering and business process automation, design and development of management systems and corporate governance systems, HR motivation systems, start-up establishment  etc. Moreover, he is one of most experienced project managers; during his more than 18 years career he designed and managed large number of technical assistance and development projects funded by various international development institutions.

Tigran is responsible for overall management of Avenue Consulting Group.


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